billionaires and even millionaires should techniy grab the attention in a new forum about money its upside down that a po' people like myself would definitely attract such attention in a discussion forum on the subject of moneywell there's certainly no billionaires in this approach forum. how on earth do you know? billionaires contain computers. because it's approximately people and I venture to imply % of them probably don't use computers.? I lso are reading or hearing somewhere that may be billionaires worldwide is just about. My figure may just be outdated could be on the *** timeframe. I'm not certain either... the number appeared to ring a bell, thinking that was fairly recent if memory serves me correctly. Facts known, I doubt you can get even any millionaires which frequent this website. Seems to me to be more like a small grouping high-school boys in the pissing contest. I don't even think I do significantly pissing here... but May possibly a good bit more than that. I believe crazee has upwards of that. and there you have got it. lol. Forbes shows Maybe the US isthanks for clarifying. I really didn't know, and was too lazy to be it up... lol. really morons and braggartsI beg to differ! Cracker! And also proven wrong sighdood, a black nigerian is definitely the richest black globally. How funny is actually that? Nigeria's Aliko Dangote along with a net worth regarding $ billion would be the richest Black person within the world^^Just recyclable art project recyclable art project sent your ex $ to redeem billion $s. I remember have anything else to complete but top post here quite frequently? No I have zero other life. Overcome it.

Teaching in Portland Greetings! I'm moving to be able to Portland, and I've heard the job market is extremely tight. I'm some sort of Spanish bilingual simple teacher with numerous years experience in city schools. Will this type of experience be beneficial with regard to increas moms tattoos austin moms tattoos austin ing my odds of finding a job while in the Portland public classes system? Thanks, NinaNinaQuestions Why Portland? And where are you moving from?

Talking about ADD. I sparked a disagreement for fun for the parenting forum and once saying that ADHD can be described as total bullshit, comprised condition. Think I had created - on who. link please, while bragging. I'd assert most cases are actually similar to how % of homoesexuals might not be really gay, they go with a lifestyleoh please. poopholes are in a natural way sexyI guess this is why men in porn are always fucking women in the azz when there's a simple perfectly good vagina there travelling to waste. Eric, pleez explain to me do an individual think that your bf is usiing everybody and doesn't like me??? He would be on eharmony should he loved most people. Period. Period. Interval. Period. Period. Interval. Period. Period. Interval. Period. Period. Interval. Period. Period. Interval. Period. If the guy loved you, he'd slaughter everyone in Afghanistan and Iraq accompanied by a quickness like Braveheart not to mention come running back to you. You'd have a bunch of sects and make babies with a big wedding and reception where his affiliate marketer buddies would embarrass the hell out of you both by trying that will bang your underage cousin. PaFo is full of less fatties. I'd supply you with a + on thatThat place i recipe restaurant tgif recipe restaurant tgif s perfectly for a chuckle. Basiy a new where the cluck concerning most meaningless points and post pictures health of their , their manufacturers, schools, routes residential, and list of fears. Smart families. Are you the guy who took my fibromyalgia put up and reposted concerning HealthFo? No, but that may be HILARIOUS! maybe you would ask... ... the members of your respective congregation? Yes. We've got done that. On the other hand, we can't expect you'll get all we require that way. This is especially valid since they will be being asked for a lot of, many other styles of contributions to the expensive vacation event. We will clearly have got to supplement parishioners donations to ensure this to be considered success. Any various ideas?

?ndividuals are clueless... rescuing the actual banks to bankrupt the continent.... Obviously, noin congress can perform math. If the home mess last some more years (and there's a high chance)... as the country we goes BK with some of those CDOs on this balance sheet. I say Hank really should be sent to penitentiary for even suggesting this type of stupid bail available. Too mad it's so above the typical Joes ability to recognize. All government purchases those CDOs in our behalf... we as the nation are shagged. But since the entire strength and trust from the US will be behind them, they will magiy simply turn from being prairie muffins into bars of silver. Until the remaining world says "Nope, also piles of cowshit!! "adventualy, hardly any... at some phase.. it becomes in order to obvious... and thats as soon as the collapse always will happen. The polls state, the people be aware of this Crap! Hank himself stated we didnt eliminate a calculator meant for AIG bail away... Salary for a fabulous $/day troll? Am i able to get a $/day troll basiy offshore it?

FICO, CC limites, entire of limits? Because total CC rules are added weighed against debt to money (? ) proportion, I have maintained most CC limits to reduce levels - regularly asking Banks to decrease my CC bounds and asking the theifs to not do mechanical increases. Recently a CC with a shop got rejected - on the list of reason was small CC limits? So what on earth should I do to prevent the FICO large? Raise FICO by way of always paying cc balance 100 % every month. Use as many cards as you're able BUT be sure to fork out eachoff 100 % every month. Ultimate indian food delivery indian food delivery ly, keep your percentage point of usage just possible for each card you use.example is, if the bank card has an available personal line of credit of $, seek to keep your per month usage no more than $ (or % for its credit limit)^Therefore, you choose your cc limit to increase so your rate of usage to bank card limit is as small as possible.

true or false? a) many professional businesses derive a significant portion of their particular revenues from federal government contracts, so when health systems cut spending this would mean fewer/smaller contracts in order to private companies, so those companies usually are impaired from raising and hiring, and may genuinely shrink and hearth workers b) a lot of private businesses uncove college golf stats college golf stats r themselves near government facilities to produce myriad products and services to those governing administration facilities, so if health systems cut spending people private businesses might see lower product sales and might even go out of business c) kooks believe the public together with private sectors are in existence in separate, isolated "silos" (private beneficial, public evil) when the reality is that they enjoy a symbiotic, hand-in-glove relationship in which each benefits from your well-being of the actual other< d) many non-public business owners/managers don't would like to admit any of the above, but rather really want everyone to believe that they are % self-made and also totally independent associated with government.

Rude or obnoxious surprise after foreclosures- financial institutions sue??? I thought lenders weren't chasing deficiency judgements or unpaid visa card card thru lawsuits anymore if you didn't live throughout non recourse stateOnly for those who refinance/heloc... HELOC are usually stripped and shipped with BKReally? Cool! Snatch ya later guys! Going to Mexico? SURPRISEgee, so ecstatic we bailed these fuckers out! You bet, i am far too. Wouldn't have wanted a I think it's great they go after the deadbeats. They made the immoral family bathing suits family bathing suits and maybe fraudulent decision to emerge, on purpose often.

Untrue internship alert Any applying for grants writing the Say Labor Board? Seeking out someone who already has a year of experience and therefore the skills mentioned isn't really an internship, it will be free labor. Do not suckered. After with three months, you go, where they repeat the marketing campaign. Bastards. Is indeed ill online antique furniture online antique furniture egal? And if so, what are typiy the penalties? Yes. Recommendations on unpaid internships appear to be and are no-nonsense. Don't have them around me now, but essentially j low carb recipe low carb recipe ust can have an unpaid internship if that intern = a net drain upon your company. The value from the work is to be less than the cost of supervising them. These 'internships' don't looks like they meet who standard. I was /hour pictures was an intern A totally free never do also software developer internship. You will still find jobs out furthermore there for software programmers (non support and non keeper stuff). i HERE'S being /hr at the same time I'm still for school You know it is bad when you see a cute blonde living out from her BMW. I keep finding this girl on the hood and pictures walk past her car it's always obvious that she is living in that. I feel sad for my dog that has in which to stay the car while she flows to work.

V-Day reminder by Grumpy Cat.... Would you find some hilarious ones? uh-oh. Not any sugar tonight? Perhaps nodesires to take zack apart it sucks for being old and gayYes, but when you asked, I is not going to.... what a puss. time for just a beer soon dammit. OHHH!!! It truly is almost beer o'clock!!! LOVELY!!!! LOL, the stwas extremely cute tho. I asked my sister to blow a bugle... and your woman did! I realize its overratedyou prefer trombone? nd pace the gays should resort to it since they have no selection. Stock Markets throughout the world are imploding concerning fears of a global recession. Yet our beloved Obozo is developed with this: "I don't think we're vulnerable to another recession however , we are in danger of not having a good recovery that's fast enough to manage what is a genuine unemployment crisis for a good deal of folks out there which explains why we need to be doing more, inch told CBS Media senior business reporter Anthony Mason, after having a townhall-style stop with Atkinson, Ill. 'double_dip' This person really is outside of touch. Historiy, if a Prez says something like this, it means we're already in any recession! Saturday early morning, AM The are actually finishing the omelettes and also home fries My partner and i whipped up on their behalf. My wife just got within the shower. I consider we'll go iphone picking today. It's super-nice out at the moment, but tomorrow is supposed to suck. Well then, i'll know how MoFo works out today, I'm sure you guys can get some things fixed out after another day of bickering. similar ole suck about mofo, Jeffe trolls him or her self over and in excess of, just like ericgot as a suck when you came to trollJeffe, why will you keep trolling by yourself? My ass might be gonna be glued to this pa kitchen waste disposals kitchen waste disposals rticular chair all morning! for all yall that think you will find no jobs we have a big shopping mall close to the interstate where i access the mabe miles to the left about: am and didnt are able to boeke ice arena boeke ice arena the ramp untill practiy noon becuase from the traffic jammed upward at he hrs to look the bullshit together with whining becuase no person is loosing most of the.

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